Lynda, and I have always enjoyed helping others in need. Whether it be feeding orphans, the disabled or elderly in Myanmar, or our local families in our community. It seems that the gift of giving is so powerfully rewarding, that we truly enjoy it.

On this page there are movies to look at, which depict our past humanitarian efforts. These are scenes from our trips to Myanmar, when we feed orphans, and dug wells, provide books, and medicine.

We would like to say thanks to our very generous customers from our family hair care salon, A 2 Z CUTS PLUS.

Myanmar in February 2010

We have a few photos of our trip to Myanmar in February , 2010. We concentrated our efforts in Yangon District, visiting 2 different orphanages, a handicap learning facility, and a mental hospital.

The first day we went to a Handicap facility for adults, and for children. The entire staff was also handicap; thereby there was full acceptance of these patients. It was so beautiful to see their appreciation of us simply feeding them, yet so sad because so little aid from the government goes towards these people. Look for and enjoy their smiles, on their happy faces.

The second day we visited a mental hospital, which had about 200 patients. We went there to feed them Beriyani rice with chicken. Our efforts were interrupted due to miscommunication, timing , and a lukewarm reception.

The third, and fourth day was so much fun, we visited two different orphanages. On the third day we had contracted with Beriyani Co. to cook and deliver chicken Beriyani, ice cream, and we served them orange drinks. The last day we had help from Lynda's relatives to prepare, cook, and deliver chicken curry. We had brought some Red Vines, and Nature Valley granola bars, to give to the orphans for desert. You can see all the different colored t-shirts that separate the ages of these children.

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Auction 2010

In 2010 AtoZ Cuts Plus held an auction where we displayed all of the Burmese artifacts. You will see beautiful woodcarvings, antiques, and antique reproductions, lacquer ware, tapestries, furniture etc.

When we went to Myanmar back in February we noticed a 12-year-old boy carrying to 5 gallon buckets of surface water he got from a local pond. The water was the color of coffee. We asked him what he was going to do with that water, and he responded, " It is for drinking, and cooking". He told us how he uses his t-shirt as a filter, and then they boil the water. Well this inspired us to hold an auction, and donate all the proceeds towards digging wells, providing generators, pumps, so they could have good clean water. View this project Download the Ventura County Star Article in PDF

Thainlin 2010

Lynda's trip in October 2010 to Thainlin. She went back to Thainlin, the village outside of Yangon, where we saw the 12-year-old boy carrying that dirty water. She was able to donate 1 well, which included a generator, motor, and pump, along with tubs for containment. Lynda also gave out hats that we collected from our A 2 Z Cuts Plus customers, which they generously donated. Honorable mention goes out to Martin Kelly, who donated $1000.00 toward this well. As always Lynda loves to feed the children, as you can see. We collected over 400 hats from our customers, and we also donated diabetic medical supplies that our customers gave us.

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Upper Burma 2010

In 2010 Lynda went to upper Burma, a village named Meitthila, outside of Mandalay. It is a village that is ran by the Buddhist monks, and they were in dire need of water. Lynda's cousin Daw pike informed us of this village, and it's need for a well. It was a 10 hour drive from Yangon, but well worth the trip. Here in Meitthila, Lynda was able to provide a well, furnish school books, give out hats, rice, and feed the children. Lynda has promised to build a library, and mentioned to the Monk that her husband Maurice would like to build an orphanage. Miracles do happen, the monk donated to The Rising Sun Foundation, some land so we could build a library, and orphanage. Please enjoy this villages simple life, and sheer gratitude from Lynda's generosity.

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